LIA had the chance to collaborate with many national and international renowned artists.

Here is a brief outline of her most noted work:

– Background singer for “Disco-Queen” Gloria Gaynor

– Background singer for the international stars Sister Sledge

– Background singer for the Austrian band Count Basic

– Background singer for German musical star Thomas Borchert

– Background singer for the Austrian „Ambassador of Rock’n Roll“ Andy Lee Lang

– Lead singer of party band Bad Powells – Lead singer of band FM4 Superfly Orchestra

– Lead singer of the Austrian Amy Winehouse Tribute Band

– Recorded song “Night and Day” co-written with Austrian composer and singer Leo Aberer and remixed by DJ Fritz Jerey

– Recorded song “Swing Low“ with Leo Aberer and Sandra Pires

– Recorded song „Tränen auf der Haut“ written by Tom Marquardt

– Song „Hope for the Globe” produced by Dieter Falk

– Recorded song “Runaway” co-written with Austrian producer Lukas Hillebrand