LIA was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil to parents steeped in Jazz and as a young girl was surrounded by the rhythms and sounds of Bossa Nova. She developed a passionate love of soul and funk music at an early age. After moving to Vienna in her teens, LIA started taking piano and dancing classes. It was clear that she would become an artist and so she decided to study Jazz at the Vienna Conservatory. The combination of her childhood influences and her studies has enabled her to blur the lines between jazz and popular music giving her the ability to sing with a rare level of emotional conviction drawing her audience deep into the heart of a song.

LIA discovered her interest for songwriting during her studies and so she decided to spend a semester abroad in the USA, where she got the opportunity to work with one of the most renowned music producers, Corey Rooney (Destiny´s child, Jennifer Lopez, Tony Braxton).

LIA spent innumerous hours in the recording studios writing songs and producing her vocals. It was a huge chance to grow musically and also to improve her language skills. LIA felt that it was time to put her best songs together and record her first EP named “Everlasting”. Some of these songs made it into Soundtracks of great brazilian Blockbusters and soap operas. The hard work paid off!

After coming back to her country of choice, Austria, LIA was ready for new challenges. She was also getting known in the music scene for her professionality and vocal abilities. Her name soon became a brand of success. Everyone in the scene wanted to work with her, they all fell in love with her simplicity, competence and skills. She worked as a backup singer for celebrated artists like Gloria Gaynor and also shared the stage with Sister Sledge.

LIA recorded many radio and TV commercials for brands like Persil, Merkur, BIPA, Telering, SKY to mention a few and also had the opportunity to work with distinguished musical producers, recording demos and layouts for the ensemble. She became part of successful Musicals in Vienna, like Musical Rocks!. It was an incredible experience to be part of such great and illustrious projects.

Her passion for Clubbing led her to Ibiza, where she spent 4 months on tour with well known DJs, like Paul Lomax and Jean Paul Ades. She also performed in legendary clubs on the Island like “AMNESIA” or “O Beach Club”. It was an incredible and memorable journey.

Austrian clubs and venues also got interested in the newest Club Diva in town! LIA performed in noted clubs in Vienna like “Volksgarten”, “The Box Hilton”, “U4”, “Albertina Passage” and “Babenberger Passage”. She also performed at selected venues like the “Hofburg”, “Opernball”, “Stadthalle” and many more.

LIA also took part in the Eurovision Song contest in 2016, representing Austria for the preselection show with her co-written Song “Runaway”.

LIA ́s performance, her wide repertoire (she sings in englich, portuguese, french, spanish and german – she also speaks those languages) and charisma, have attracted many bookings from private to corporate sector from around the world. She has performed in Brazil, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain, Scotland, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey and the USA.